SQL BETWEEN Operator is used to filter rows based on range of values in specified column. These values can be numbers, text or dates. Rows can be retrieved not in between the range of values specified column. Read more ›

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SQL IN Operator

SQL IN Operator is used in SQL statements with in WHERE clause to specify multiple values in SQL IN Operator.

SQL IN Operator Code Syntax : Read more ›

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SQL LIKE Operator

SQL LIKE Operator is used in WHERE Clause of SQL statement, to search for specific pattern in column. And the pattern we can place it in different formats. Here I’ll provide different types of formats that you can use in SQL LIKE Operator. Read more ›

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SQL SELECT LIMIT, TOP, ROWNUM clauses are used to limit the number of retrieved records. SQL SELECT LIMIT, TOP, ROWNUM clauses are very useful to databases having lot of records, this clause helps to return limited number of results instead of all records. For large databases it takes lot of time to retrieve all the results. Read more ›

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SQL ORDER BY is used to filter results by ascending or descending order in SQL SELECT statements. We can add ORDER BY right after the table name or after WHERE clause in the SQL statement. Read more ›

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SQL AND & OR Operators

SQL AND & OR Operators are operators are used in conditions like WHERE clause, if it’s more than one condition. Basically we can use these AND & OR Operators in WHERE Clause of an SQL statement. Read more ›

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SQL WHERE Clause is used to retrieve specific records which matches the column names and values in WHERE clause. This SQL WHERE clause is used in any SQL statement, either it is SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE statements. Read more ›

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SQL DISTINCT function is used in SELECT statements, it is used to retrieve the results without duplicate values. That means SQL DISTINCT function will retrieve different values.

Sample code for SQL DISTINCT is : Read more ›

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Toad for MySQL – Database Management and Development tool

Toad For MySQL

Toad for MySQL is a Database Management and Development tool. Toad for MySQL is used to quickly and efficiently create and execute queries, automate database object management, and develop SQL code. Toad MySQL provides utilities to compare, extract, and search for objects. The MySQL tool also enables you to record and play back keyboard commands, and transfer data across MySQL databases. The MySQL developer tool increases efficiency by helping you manage projects, import/export data, and administer the database. Read more ›

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Google adsense alternatives

Google adsense alternatives, if you are looking for an alternative to Google adsense then here is the list of all the alternatives. Google adsense is an ad-network which serves ads on a website. For any reason if you are looking for other alternatives to adsense, then you can use any of these ad-networks. Some of the networks tried it on my sites, here I’ve posted their reports and payments. And I’m trying some more ad networks I’ll add those reports after getting results. Read more ›

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