Hello, this is Vivek Vengala. I'm web designer & developer. I have 7+ years of experience in building websites Officially, Un-officially 3 more years. I'm building websites since 2009 as a profession . I've created lot of websites for myself and also for clients.

Through this website I'll provide design & development tutorials & blogging and also other How to guides that are helpful for bloggers, web designers & developers.​

Small little brief history about Coding Cyber​

Coding Cyber Started 2012-08-11 as a simple blogspot blog. Linked this domain to blogspot after some time migrated to self hosted website.

Traffic Stats : By the end of April 2017, Coding Cyber has 50,000 unique visitors per month. It's increasing day by day.​

If you need any help feel free to contact me ​

My Story How I Started

As you know, My name is Vivek Vengala.

I'm an B.Tech graduate (2009-E.C.E)

From my college days, I was interested in computers. I learned How to repair computers & fix software issues in computers. As the computer repair business market is limited, I wanted to start online business (selling products or earning through ads). As I'm doing computer repairs, I've learned to build websites.

After completing B.Tech started my own computer repair business.​

Started my first computer repair tutorials website through blogspot. I wanted to start my self hosted wordpress/joomla/drupal website, at that time no one in hosting industry supporting those technologies. Now everyone is supporting (at that time they didn't recognised these platforms). I tried only indian web hosting companies. Godaddy was operating form US only, they will accept only credit cards. Because of all these constraints I sticked with blogspot.

Still I've experimented all the available technologies php/wordpress/joomla/drupal in localhost using wamp/xampp​.

I earned my first $100 through Adsense with computer repairs website.​

After that, I had to close computer repair business. Because it's limited in earning and also in reach. I wanted to start a global business.​

​I came to Hyderabad, started doing jobs as web designer & web developer. Gained enough knowledge to start my own freelancing business. Started web designing & development company with my colleagues named it as PixelW3 Technologies. My self I'm web developer, they are web designer & SEO Analyst.

By the time while we are getting couple of projects, other partners because of hard times. I've invested that money some Adsense websites.

After starting couple of Adsense website's, I was able to earn $3000 per month with 5-7 employees working for only Adsense websites.

All these times, I've faced a lot of struggles & hard times.​

​Here is one of the screenshot taken on my mobile. I can't upload any other images.

Because that Google Adsense account was disabled.​

I did lot of web designing, development, SEO projects through my company. I've started web hosting business also.

​I'm also a member of BNI Hyderabad, if you are also BNI member we can connect through bniconnect. So, that we can meet in future BNI events.

Any one who needs help in your projects, always come to my office located in Hyderabad.
Or send me an email at [email protected]

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