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5 Steps to Add “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” Using PHP

If you want to add google new reCAPTCHA (I’m not a robot). This captcha system is used to stop spam registrations or inquiry submissions. You can integrate this “No Captcha reCaptcha” in your website by following these simple steps. First of all create the google reCAPTCHA access credentials, After getting site key & secret key […]

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Simple PHP WHOIS Domain Lookup Script

This is simple PHP WHOIS script that you can understand easily. You can add advanced features to this script. This is a simple php whois script that can be easily understood. Here in this script I’ll be using only one server that is of .com domain. You can use different whois servers, I’ve provided the […]

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WordPress Themes & Plugins That I Used to Intergate WHMCS

WHMCS is a popular Web Hosting Management application. If you want to integrate WHMCS with WordPress CMS, you should integrate them into same look and feel. Otherwise, WHMCS & WordPress looks as two different applications. You should maintain same design across both of them.Here I’m going to reveal the theme & plugin ​that I used, I have decided […]

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WHMCS Review From Genuine User

I have started using WHMCS few years back, For starting Webhosting business. I have done good business with in my client base. WHMCS is an awesome application for managing web hosting products and services.By using WHMCS, you can run shared hosting business, VPS or dedicated hosting. I have used this to run my web designing […]

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Installing LAMP Stack on CentOS7 Server

Installing & setting up LAMP stack on CentOS7 Linux Server, Here I’ll be showing how to setup Apache, MySql and PHP in CentOS7 Linux Server.You can install PHPMyAdmin in CenOS7. By using PHPMyAdmin, you can manage databases easily.Follow these steps Quick Navigation1. Install Apache Web Server on CentOS72. ​Install MySQL (MariaDB) in CentOS73. Install PHP​​ […]

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