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Linode Promotional Code to Get $20 For Free

Linode is Popular VPS provider with reliable performance and good up-times. This Linode promotional offer to get $20 after initial deposit.To get Linode Promotional code $20 free you need to follow below steps.First register account with this link -> Register LinodeAfter that click here, submit your name and email address. Within few minutes we will send […]

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My Experience with Linode – Review After One year

Linode is VPS service provider with data centers in different locations. And a lot of configuration option with good uptimes and responsive support. This Linode review is based on my own experience with Linode.I’ve been using Linode from past one year. Linode 1GB VPS servers are reliable and fast enough to run high traffic websites with CPanel […]

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Difference bw Shared Hosting vs Virtual Private Sever vs Dedicated Server

Shared Hosting is shared environment among all the server users. Shared hosting is like flat in an appartment, where you have to share resources with others. Same like in shared hosting.Virtual Private Server is better than shared hosting. VPS is like complex of buildings containing a number of individually owned apartments or houses with allocated resources.Dedicated […]

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Display Image With jQuery OnMouseOver

Display image with jquery OnMouseOver, Here I’m using two images, If anybody is Hovering on one image then second image will be displayed, rest of the time second image will be hidden. And coming to HTML markup, I’ve one div inside that i’m using one span with an id of #pop-up. It has one more div with […]

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