Creating category blog in Joomla

Creating category blog in Joomla, we can create blog type Joomla but what if we want blog type listing for every category like cnn or any other bigger blogs. We can achieve this without using any other extensions. Joomla has a setting for achieving this.

Creating category blog in Joomla

  •  Login to Joomla admin, Create a category from Content -> Category Manager. I have already created one category called Journals.
    Creating category blog in Joomla
  • Then create three or four article with that category name (Content -> Article Manager).
    Creating category blog in Joomla
  • I think you have already created a menu for the category, from Menus -> Click on the Menu or else create it.
  • From the Edit Menu Screen, Menu Type Item as Category Blog.
  • And from Choose a Category to the Category which you want to display as blog.
    Creating category blog in Joomla

Now from the Joomla front end, you can see the category blog for that specific category. If you want  more menu’s for specific category. Follow the same steps for other categories also.

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