How to use Putty SSH tool

Putty is command line tool for windows. And it is used for connecting to servers from clients computers. Here we will see, how we can use putty SSH tool and how we can connect to server and execute commands in server.


Login to server

  • Open SSH client Putty.
  • In the Host Name field, fill server host name or the IP address of the server.
  • In the Port field, enter the port number by default port number is 22.
    How to login into Linux server using Command Line Terminal

    How to login into Linux server using Command Line Terminal

  • Click on Open button.
  • It takes you to command line screen, enter the password then press on enter. (password will be entered in hidden format for security reasons)
  • Then you will be logged into server, user can execute the commands based on their user permissions.

Executing Commands using putty

  • After login to server, enter the commands on this screen
    Execute Commands in Linux Server

    Execute Commands in Linux Server

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