Step by Step guide to Learn Drupal 7

These are series of articles to — Step by Step guide to Learn Drupal 7, Here i’ll cover from basics to advanced drupal concepts. I have divide this series of articles into different parts and chapters, So that it will be easier for you to go through all the articles. In future i’ll add step by step video tutorials to this series. This may be long list of articles but i’ll make them simple to understand, all these articles are made from my own experience with drupal 7.

I have organized all these articles into seven parts, and each part contains some x number of chapters. And i’m planning to write up articles for seven parts in seven weeks, may be it can take more than that.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on this series of articles (tutorials) please let me know using comment form.

Basic outline to Step by Step guide to Learn Drupal 7

  1. Part 1 : Drupal 7 Basics

  2. Part 2 : Drupal 7 Administration

  3. Part 3 : Drupal 7 CCK (Content Construction Kit)

  4. Part 4 : Working with Drupal 7 Views

  5. Part 5 : Drupal 7 Theming

  6. Part 6 : Drupal 7 Advanced Theming Concepts

  7. Part 7 : Drupal 7 Module creation

Full outline to Step by Step guide to Learn Drupal 7


Drupal 7 CCK (Content Construction Kit)

  • Creating a content type in drupal 7
  • adding cck fields in drupal 7
  • adding email field in drupal 7
  • adding phone field in drupal 7
  • adding image field in dupal 7
  • adding select list in drupal 7
  • adding radio buttons in drupal 7
  • adding check boxes in drupal 7
  • adding date popup calender
  • Using entity reference in drupal 7 content type
  • creating two content types with entity reference.

Working with Drupal 7 Views

  • Installing Views Module in Drupal 7
  • Creating First view in Drupal 7
  • Understanding Drupal 7 Views interface
  • Creating simple view to list five latest content items.
  • Understanding the display types in drupal 7
  • Creating view with entity reference

Drupal 7 Theming

  • Introduction to drupal 7 theming
  • understanding the file structure in drupal 7 theme.
    • info files
    • template files
    • css files
  • HTML template that i’m converting into drupal 7 theme
  • Working on Header section in Drupal 7 theme
  • Working on Menu
  • Working with image slider
  • working on content area
  • working on promo container
  • working on quick navigation
  • Working on footer.

Drupal 7 Advanced theming

  • Working on page templates
  • using advanced theming modules
  • themeing blocks
  • theming views

Drupal 7 Module creation

  • Introduction to drupal 7 Modules
  • understanding file structure in drupal 7 module
  • Creating simple module ind drupal 7

If you have any topic to suggest in this series of articles to Step by Step guide to Learn Drupal 7, please add it in comments below. To get latest news us and updates follow us on twitter & facebook, subscribe to newsletter. If you have any feedback or suggestions on this series of articles please let us know.

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