PHP is not recognized as an internal command

PHP is not recognized as an internal command, if you want to run php command or php scripts through command line you need to follow this article and setup your windows php development environment to execute php scripts through command line interface. Before executing php command through command line interface you need to add php directory to windows system variables path using a semicolon.

Fixing PHP is not recognized as an internal command

  • Click on Start Menu => Right click on My Computer and select properties.
  • From popup window, Click on Advanced System Settings
  • From System Properties popup window, Click on Environment Variables.
  • With in System Variables section, Select Path variable and click on Edit.
  • From Edit System Variables window in variable path field, navigate to end of the field add a semicolon and then paste php directory path. If you are using WAMP then it should be C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.13
  • Click on OK all windows, then log off or restart computer and log back in, then try php command in windows command prompt.

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