Simple Shopping Cart Application in PHP & MySQL

This is a simple php shopping cart application in PHP & MySQL to display products, add to cart functionality in php and checkout features and also removing products from cart. This shopping cart application is built with simple php & mysql code.

Below is the screenshot of all the files that I’m going to create.

1. Creating Template Files

First of all, I’m going to create reusable template files. Create three files with the name of header.php, nav.php, footer.php




After that create index.php file to list all the products


2. Creating Database Table

Next create database table with the name of products, you can use this below sql. I’ve already created few products.

3. Connecting to Database Table

Connecting to database using php, create connect.php file and use this code.

Then include this connect.php file in our index.php file. If you are using above code, I’ve already included it.

4. Displaying Products

Next fetch products from database table using SELECT sql, and display all the products in our shopping cart index.php file.

Replace index.php html code with this code.

5. Add to Cart Functionality

For Cart functionality in our php shopping cart appliation, I’m going to use sessions. I’ll add product item id to session.

Create a php file with the name of addtocart.php. If the get superglobal is set then create session with item id, then redirect user with status success. If any case if the session is not set then it will redirect user to status failed.

Above code will works if only one product is added to cart. If you want to add multiple products then you have to use this below code.

Here I’m creating comma separated list with all product id’s added to cart, If the session is set. Otherwise, previous code will be executed.

If the product is already added to cart, then I’m not going add it again. For that checking cartitems array with in_array function. If the item exists then user will be redirected to status incart. If the item doesn’t exist in session, then that id will be added session.

6. Displaying Cart Items

Create cart.php file, use this below html code.

Reading sesison, creating an array of id using explode function.

Fetching data from database and displaying it in table row.

Displaying total price of all item prices below table row.

7. Deleting Items from cart

Create a file with the name of delcart.php. I’ve already added remove link in cart.php.

Here I’m reading session, creating an array with all the items. Removing array element with pocket number using unset php function.

Complete code of Simple Shopping Cart in PHP & MySQL

If you have any problem arranging above pieces of code. You can use this complete code.

If you have any problem, let me know through comment form bellow.

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